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Ienah ♥ 17thdec , her day . :D A school girl that used to school in CCKPS. Change to Bukit Panjang Government High School. Do know MORE bout me by adding: stranger.96@hotmail.com for MSN. or click my friendster to find out more About Me (: Thank You.



Fri, 09/11/2009 - 6:08AM by ienah 0 Comments -

alamak !! something happen to my blog .. (hate it) ..btw , ididn't know what to post hahah !!i just don't have any work to do .. lols !!ouhya !! just now i went to Gamelan(pronounce it as Ga-me-lan) it was quite fun . LOL !!yea . imma spoilt brat .. i kept doin the same thing over and over and over and over and over again .. haiss ..sometimes i get scolded also .. lol !! but i can accept it . 'coz it is for my own gud rite .. hahah !!i think i have to quit playing facebook games .. 'coz , i think im addicted to it .. OMG !! tht's bad .. HAHAH !!ya . ok maybe i only play 1 game for ard 5 mins . well , actually , the total number of games i play is 3-5 .. so its ard 15-25 mins .. OMG !! tht's bad ..i think i need to spend most of my time studying . yea .. so tht i can get promoted to N/A .. YAHOO !!my aming is to get 4-5 distinctions .. the compulsory distinction i must get is , CPA(ComPuter Applications) , MT  and D&T ..i maybe get a C-B for my maths .. 'coz my teacher mark the paper strictly seii .. ALAMAK !! even when i got the working right , he didn't give me 1 mark for the working .. haiss .. he said - 'strive for accurracy and excellence to become a successful person' . ok . If tht's wat he wants , then , i have to work EXTRA hard to strive for my goal .. and tht is going to N/A .. Ok . i think my post ends here . bye !!

Thu, 09/03/2009 - 6:17AM by ienah 0 Comments -

hii !!

my name is ienah for short ..

i'm new here .. hehe

ok ..

today is just introduction aites peope .. :))

till here ;

bye !!

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